How to Add Personality With The Right Lighting

How to Add Personality With The Right Lighting

The right choice of illumination can add style and personality to your interior. Here we share three easy ways to customise your space with the perfect lighting choice for every home.

Add a decorative touch

Lighting certainly does not have to be boring or plain. You don’t need to feel limited by overhead ceiling fixtures or wall lights in simple designs. Beautifully decorative pendants are a sure way to add personality to any room – from the kitchen and living room to the bedroom and even the bathroom. A group of pendants, or a single feature decorative light, can certainly add a little sparkle and much needed illumination to your favourite interior spaces.

Think out of the box

If you can’t redesign your entire space, a simple light upgrade can make all the difference. In a rented space where you cannot paint or decorate the walls and ceiling, you can infuse a little personality by replacing the standard light fittings with gorgeous pendants for added flair. In a space where you are limited with design potential – a light pendant can go a long way to bring a sense of customisation and style to any room.

Add layers for ambience

Lighting pendants are great when combined with various layers of lighting in your room. Hanging pendants can add direction and brighten up your space in a beautiful way. Combined with other sources of lighting, such as floor, table and even ceiling lights, you can create a magical ambience to suit your needs and create a designer feel at home.

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