2019 Lighting Trends

2019 Lighting Trends

Many people may not know, but light fixtures can go a long way to redefine how a space looks. Perhaps you are thinking of an affordable way to update the look of your home, changing your light fixtures may not be such a bad idea. Below are the top lighting trends for 2019:

1. Eco-friendly design

In this age of sustainability, eco-friendly lighting is one of the leading trends for 2019. These designs offer tremendous benefits. Aside from being cost saving for homeowners, it also cuts down on the user's carbon footprint. Eco-friendly design is highly appreciated, as the effect of climate change and global warming becomes palpable each day.

Through recycling, old items are given a new lease of life and are transformed into new pieces of lighting or furniture. You don't have to break the bank in order to refresh your home decor or lighting design. If you are a DIY person, then all you need to do is visit a secondhand store and pick a couple of old light fixtures which you can easily add your personal touch to.

2. Natural material

Similar to eco-friendly fixtures, natural materials are also top of the list of lighting trends for 2019. Natural materials such as bamboo are becoming a common sight in homes. Natural materials help to create simplistic but powerful atmospheric abilities.

3. Industrial style

For those who may not appreciate the boho style, an equally pleasant alternative is an industrial style. This is one of the surest ways to bring the look of a room together. Most industrial light fixtures tend to be unique and are typically found in rooms where they are least expected to be.

Industrial style is a fun trend which has, over the years, transformed into new designs and functions. What initially was used as barn lights and would normally be set over a large dining table or hung outside, has amazingly evolved into large industrial lighting fixtures which are visible in a lot of restaurants, cafes, and hotel seating areas. This explains why this trend won't be ending soon, as there appears to be a wide scope in design possibilities. 

4. Metallic finish

Another top trend to be aware of in 2019 are metallic finishes. These work well with both mid-century modern resurgence and the concept of minimalism. A metallic element such as chrome, gold, and brass are some of those that attract the most attention.

While chrome always provides a new look to any room, brass, and gold helps to add some form of sophistication which makes it usable in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. Metallic finish lighting offers a kind of richness which is almost impossible to top. 

5. Accent lighting

It is not mandatory for every room to add a new ceiling light in order to change the look of the space. Another popular 2019 lighting trend is accent lighting, which has become quite popular in dining and living rooms. This form of lighting helps to guide the eye to the illuminated part of the room, spotlighting the focal point such that it adds coziness and drama to your home.


It is expected that as new trends emerge, old ones are set aside. Therefore, it is expected that homeowners should be less enthusiastic about LED lighting. Although these form of lighting are generally reliable, they come with a lot of disadvantages. One of the key failings of this form of lighting is its built-in bulbs, which makes replacement impossible. This means that if and when the LED fails, the entire fixture becomes useless. Although the use of LED can still be encouraged, it is important that the bulbs be made replaceable.